Pocket Mantras for Kids: 52 Little Affirmations to Inspire Positivity - Deck of Cards

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A box of 52 little affirmations to inspire and spread positivity created just for kids (or your inner kid). This is the first ever version of Pocket Mantras for Kids with an animal themed box design and 52 affirmations. Each card has a unique mantra & design created and originally hand painted by Stevie Nelson. These can be gifted to a kid you know or given to yourself as a gift. While they were created with kids in mind, they are suitable for any age. Most of the mantras are ageless.

They are the same size as playing cards (2.5 inches by 3.5 inches) so they'll fit perfectly in your kid's backpack, pocket or lunch. Each deck comes with a shrink-wrapped box, shrink-wrapped deck of cards and an explanation of how to use them printed on the back of the box.
Example of mantras:
"I am smart."
"My feelings matter."
"I belong."
"I like to try new things."
"I love and respect the earth."
"I am so loved."

Show me how you use them by tagging @iamstevienelson on social media and using the #pocketmantras4kids

Matte Box: 2.75 inches x 3.75 inches
Cards: 2.5 inches x 3.5 inches (rounded corners)

Pocket Mantras for Kids are available for wholesale but you must message me first and I'll put up a wholesale option for you. Minimum of 15 boxes per wholesale order.

Thank you to Jenson Nelson for the graphic design and production work - without her these would not have been possible.

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